Cancellation of the Seven-year mileage redemption policy
At Aeroplan, our goal is to make sure our program is always evolving to better suit our members. Feedback from our members helps inspire positive changes to the program, including the cancellation of our Seven-year mileage redemption policy. With this policy, miles unredeemed seven years following their accumulation date would have been removed from your account. We are pleased to inform you that miles will not begin expiring on January 1, 2014 as originally announced. That means your miles will not expire as long as you stay active in the program.

A Note to Our Mobile App Users
Please note that the information about the now cancelled seven-year mileage redemption policy is inaccurate in the “Your Account” section of the App and will be corrected shortly.

We know your miles are important to you, and now you can rest assured your miles will be there when you need them. The miles in your account will not expire as long as you have at least one accumulation or redemption activity every 12 months.

The Aeroplan Terms and Conditions have been revised following this program change, and you can refer to them here.

Thank you for your ongoing involvement, and we invite you to discover all the great changes we're making to the program at