Effective December 6, 2016, Aeroplan's flight reward fee structure for changes and refunds will be updated as per the below chart, replacing the previous flat fee of C$90 plus taxes per ticket:

What does this mean for members with flight rewards booked prior to December 6, 2016?

For any flight reward bookings made prior to December 6, 2016, the previous non-refundable fee of C$90 plus taxes applies. For members with Aeroplan diamond status, in the event that the new fee structure is more favourable, the lowest fee will be applied if the change or refund is made after December 6, 2016.

Flexibility at its best

At Aeroplan, we understand that plans can change so we offer our members the flexibility they need. You can still cancel or change your flight rewards up to 2 hours prior to departure. If it's 22 days before the scheduled departure, you can even get a refund and your miles will be reinstated in your account.

Good to know:

- There is still no fee at time of cancellation, but the change fee will apply when you re-book your trip.

- Under the new structure, if your plans change 22 days or more before the scheduled departure, and you are making changes to all directions on a round trip ticket, you could choose to get a refund (your miles will be reinstated in your account – see applicable fees above) and then book a new trip online. This can be more beneficial than making changes to both directions.

Making travel happen.

With the choice between two flight reward options, Aeroplan members get access to any seat, at any time, on all Air Canada Flights and last year needed fewer miles to travel than they would have with other loyalty programs in Canada.1

1 Based on a comparison of 2015 Aeroplan Flight Reward bookings against actual market base fares and other leading financial institutions' proprietary travel rewards programs' terms and conditions.