TAM Airlines: No longer an Aeroplan Partner—effective July 2, 2014.
Effective July 2, 2014 TAM Airlines will no longer be an Aeroplan Partner. You will not be able to earn Aeroplan Miles on TAM flights scheduled after that date.

Accumulation: Mileage accumulation on TAM and TAM Mercosur flights will be permitted until July 2, 2014. Aeroplan Members will be allowed to claim retro credits until January 2, 2015 for eligible flight flown up to July 2, 2014 according to the TAM Airlines accumulation structure.

Redemption: For members with existing flight rewards containing flight segments on TAM or TAM Mercosur, these bookings will remain valid for travel.

Aeroplan members will be able to redeem flight rewards with TAM or TAM Mercosur until June 26, 2014.

Any changes to TAM or TAM Mercosur flight dates, flight times, origin and destination, routing or cabin class can be made until June 26, 2014 by calling the Aeroplan Contact Centre. All applicable fees and taxes will apply.

After June 26, 2014, Aeroplan will no longer have access to TAM Airlines redemption seats. Therefore, changes to TAM or TAM Mercosur flight segments will be permitted to a Star Alliance member airline provided the destination is served by that airline and redemption seats are available. Alternatively, members will be permitted to remove TAM or TAM Mercosur segments from the itinerary.

Members wishing to cancel their unused flight rewards containing a TAM or TAM Mercosur segment will be able to do so up to a minimum of two hours prior to schedule departure and their e-ticket will remain valid for one year from date of issue.

Aeroplan Members wishing to refund their flight reward on TAM or TAM Mercosur and have their mileage re-instated to their account will be able to do so only through the Aeroplan Contact Centre.

All applicable fees and taxes will apply.