Additional Terms Applicable to Aeroplan Members residing in Québec
The following additional terms are applicable to Aeroplan Members who are Québec consumers to whom the Consumer Protection Act (Quebec) and related regulations governing loyalty programs apply.
  1. Aeroplan may unilaterally amend, restrict, suspend, extend or otherwise alter the terms and conditions of the Aeroplan Program listed in section 6 above at any time with notice to Aeroplan  Members in accordance to section 7 above. Aeroplan may unilaterally amend for a temporary period an essential element of the Aeroplan Program to the advantage of the Aeroplan Member.
  2. Effective August 1, 2019, if an amendment affects an essential term of the Aeroplan Program and notwithstanding section 7 above, Aeroplan will send the Québec Member, between the 90th and the 60th day preceding the coming into force of the amendment, a written notice, setting out the new clause or the amended clause, the clause as it read formerly, and the date of the coming into force of the amendment.