What is Bill 47?

Bill 47 entitled An Act to amend the Consumer Protection Act, 2002, is an Ontario bill passed on December 5th, 2016 (now entitled the Protecting Rewards Points Act), that bans expiry dates for loyalty programs and makes it illegal for programs to let customers' points expire due to the passage of time alone without their permission.

The Act also states that any points that expired on or after Oct. 1, 2016, would be credited back to the customer.

What does this mean for Aeroplan members?

This legislation only affects programs with date-stamping policies (i.e. setting a specific date after which miles or points will expire if they are not redeemed).

This means that Aeroplan’s 12-month activity policy remains unchanged.

An amendment was made to the Act that carves out an exception for activity policies such as Aeroplan’s, requiring that members conduct one transaction every 12 months to remain active with the program, whether by swiping their card to earn miles at any of our partners or redeeming for a gift card, for example.

Expiry policies are very common in the loyalty and frequent flyer industries as they play a big role in reminding members to stay active. Engaged members bring value to a program; their level of engagement helps the program attract partners that provide high value accumulation and redemption opportunities.

We believe that asking members to interact with us at least once every 12 months is reasonable, fair and easy to adhere to – and we support it with different kinds of member communication to encourage members to stay active and engaged.

To learn more about Aeroplan’s 12-month expiry policy, please read our FAQ’s.