Three easy ways to rack up even more miles

Every Aeroplan member is unique, and you’re no exception! We each have our own ways of collecting miles, but one thing we all benefit from is the value and flexibility that comes with our membership.

Here are three very simple ways to maximize your earning power and rack up as many miles as possible. You’d be surprised how quickly they can add up with the right strategy, and how soon the rewards become a reality.


Earn every day

The Aeroplan network connects you to more than 75 partners representing over 150 different partner brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors. Many members earn the bulk of their miles by shopping within this network and by using an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card.

You can even earn miles twice on the same purchase by using your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card and providing your Aeroplan number.

It’s easy to accumulate miles on everyday purchases—from garden supplies and summer holiday activities, to car repairs and even home decoration and renovations! The partner locator helps you find partners nearby to make your goals even easier to reach.

Another easy way to earn miles when shopping is through the Aeroplan eStore, which includes more than 120 top retailers, such as Hudson’s Bay, Apple, Microsoft, Indigo, Sephora, and many more.


Earn big with bonuses

If you’re in the market for a new financial card, for personal or business use, Aeroplan-affiliated financial cards offer big sign-up bonuses. Some promotions provide bonus miles as a welcome bonus, by spending a predetermined minimum during a set time period, or at an accelerated rate for every dollar spent.

You can also get bonus miles by taking advantage of special offers from Aeroplan partners, including hotels and car rental companies. The Promotions page on our website lists active promotions with available dates, how many bonus miles are being offered, and any other savings or benefit available with each promotion. Check often for the best chance to earn quickly!


Consolidate loyalty points

Another great way to boost your mileage balance is to auto-convert points from other loyalty programs directly into Aeroplan Miles.

For example, earning miles every time you stay with one of our hotel partners is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up. Simply enrol in the hotel’s loyalty program, and set your earning preference to Aeroplan. It’s that fast!

By taking advantage of all the ways to earn, it’s easy to achieve your short- and long-term reward goals. It’s all about timing! Just keep an eye out for bonus offers and miles-related deals, use an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card, and shop via the eStore or with one of our partners. You can even achieve Aeroplan status and get to enjoy exclusive benefits. It’s never too late to set your sights on a reward and save up for it. With a bit of effort, you can be wheels up sooner than you think!