Deposit Miles Terms and Conditions

  • Certificates are not redeemable for cash.
  • Certificates may only be redeemed following the procedures defined by Aeroplan. The procedures are listed on
  • This certificate is valid for a limited time and will expire on the date printed on it.
  • Certificates may not be purchased, sold or bartered.
  • Certificates are void if reproduced, altered, counterfeited, obtained, or used improperly. Fraud or abuse is subject to administrative and/or legal action by Aeroplan including, without limitation the forfeiture or confiscation of all miles, certificates, award certificates, and any accrued miles in a member's account; as well as cancellation of the account and member's future participation in the Aeroplan program.
  • Lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed certificates will not be replaced by Aeroplan.
  • Determination of income tax liability, on miles, certificates, and Aeroplan awards is the responsibility of the holder.
  • The miles are non-refundable upon deposit.
  • The holder of a certificate has only the limited right to redeem same with Aeroplan in accordance with the rules and conditions for crediting of miles at Aeroplan as stated herein and subject to all Aeroplan program rules and condition.