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$250 credit at

This exciting new reward, allows Members to redeem Aeroplan Miles and convert them in $250 increments which can be used to help offset for University and College tuition, meal plans and/or residence fees in Canada.

Students, parents, relatives, and friends can use HigherEdPoints redemptions to defray the costs of higher education in Canada.

In order to transfer redemption amounts, an account must be created at, where members can safely transfer their redemptions into a student’s University or College school account. View a current list of Participating Institutions*.

NOTE: Please check to make sure your institution is participating before you redeem for a HigherEdPoints Reward as these redemptions are non-refundable. All activities and transactions on website are subject to HigherEdPoints Terms of Service.

How to get started:
Here is what you’ll need to make a fund transfer through

• Student Information: Student’s first, middle and last name; Student’s date of birth; Name of the Participating* University or College to which the transfer will be sent; Student number
• Your 9-digit Aeroplan (Loyalty Program) Account Number
• Your 11-digit Aeroplan Confirmation code (which will be emailed to your email address indicated in your redemption order)

NOTE: If you make MORE THAN ONE redemption for this reward, please go to your Order History to obtain your FULL LIST of Aeroplan Confirmation codes

Please allow up to 2 business days following your Aeroplan redemption for your confirmation code to be validated by HigherEdPoints. You will receive an email communication from HigherEdPoints once the confirmation code has been validated in their system. This email will outline your next steps and How it Works.

* HigherEdPoints is adding new institutions to our list of Participating Institutions*.every day!… it takes a village to raise a mind™

• All Aeroplan redemptions are non-refundable
• HigherEdPoints redemption amounts are non-transferable and non-refundable once they have been deposited into a student account at an educational institution
• HigherEdPoints credits are valid for 2 years following the date of redemption HigherEdPoints redemptions may not be divided across institutions and cannot be used in partial increments.
• All activities and transactions on website are subject to HigherEdPoints Terms of Service.

33,750 Miles

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