Carbon Offsets

Members can now offset their flight rewards or even their everyday carbon emissions using their Aeroplan Miles. At Aeroplan, we strongly believe we can all do more to learn about and reduce the environmental impact of our actions and activities. This is why we have launched the Green it up Program to reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive difference in greening up the world we live in.

For 7,500 miles you can offset 3,2 tonnes of greenhouse gases, equivalent to approximately:
• 1 transcontinental 2-way flight; or
• 10 short (one-hour) return flights; or
• 1 year of driving a small car (13,000 kms); or
• 6 months of home energy use for an average family.

Aeroplan’s carbon offset partner is Offsetters, Canada’s first and leading carbon management provider for individuals and organizations aiming to reduce their climate impact.

This reward includes:
• Carbon offset for 3,2 tonnes

Terms and Conditions
PLEASE NOTE: A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion of your redemption, and will serve as proof of your mileage redemption towards the Carbon Offset program. Nothing will be physically shipped to you following this transaction.


Please refer to the reward description above for details on the method and timing of delivery.

7,500 Miles

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