Pack right, pack light

According to researchers from the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute who mapped the brain's response to disorganized stimuli, keeping things simple and streamlined makes it easier to focus and have fun. Find out how to pack for perfection.

It's hard to know what you may need on your next getaway, but there are easy guidelines that can help everything stay on point. The most important? Lighten your load as much as possible and keep things basic to avoid clutter. And when choosing what garments to bring, look for fabrics like knits, wool and cotton that are less likely to wrinkle. They can also be rolled to allow for more room in your luggage for bringing home keepsakes.


Embrace the basics and choose the right luggage for the road. A bag like the L.L. Bean Heritage Waxed Canvas Duffle is big enough for everything you need, yet small enough to carry on.

Light-weight jacket (wear it on the plane rather than pack)
3 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of shoes (one for walking, one more formal)
1 pair of pants (avoid jeans to make sure what you bring can go from day to night)
3 tops (choose shirts that can be dressed-up or dressed-down for more flexibility)
3 pairs of socks
1 sweater (pullover or cardigan)
1 pair of PJs
Compact umbrella

Week Long

Swap out the size of your bag, and consider a hard shell spinner like the Trunkster Carry-On Suitcase. It's big enough to fit in a fuller assortment and comes equipped with a built-in digital scale, power bank with integrated USB ports and a charging cable, and an optional tracker using GPS technology. Start with the basics and add:

4 pairs of underwear
2 pairs of pants (jeans or more casual wear are great additions)
2 tops (dress shirts can be added here, depending on itinerary)
4 pairs of socks
Blazer or dress

Two weeks

If you'd be lost without a wider range of wardrobe options, and you know you'll want to pick up a few things on your travels, pack your picks into luggage you can check. Larger suitcases can be difficult to navigate in and out of airports and transportation, so look for something relatively lightweight like the large Herschel Supply Co. Trade Hard Shell Suitcase that can carry it all.

If you can manage with a carry-on, make sure to book accommodations where laundry won't be a bother. Internationally, or right here at home, check out hotel properties families including Fairmont, Best Western and Starwood on that can help you meet your needs and look your best.


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