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Aeroplan eStore FAQs


Do I have to log in to shop through Aeroplan eStore?

Yes. You'll need to log in with your Aeroplan Number and last name and click 'Shop Now' to be redirected to an online retailer and earn miles on your purchase.  


Are only Aeroplan Members allowed to shop through Aeroplan eStore?

Yes. To collect miles through Aeroplan eStore, you must be an Aeroplan Member. 


How does Aeroplan eStore work?

Shopping online through Aeroplan eStore is easy, secure, and fun! Simply log in, start shopping and earn Aeroplan Miles on every purchase!  

How does Aeroplan eStore track my order?

Cookies enable us to track your online purchases made through Aeroplan eStore, to make sure you get your miles. You must have cookies enabled on your web browser in order to receive Aeroplan Miles.

A cookie is a small piece of text data stored by your internet browser. Having a cookie on your account simply means that we will remember you each time you visit the site.

What if the miles I earned have not been credited to my account?

If more than eight weeks have passed from the shipping date and your Aeroplan Account still has not been credited, and you have not received a confirmation email from Aeroplan, please take the following steps: 

Who are the participating Aeroplan eStore retailers?

You'll find over 100 top brand-name online retailers from among the different product categories.  


How do I accumulate miles through Aeroplan eStore?

Collecting miles with Aeroplan eStore is easy. Simply log in, select a retailer and start shopping online. You'll earn Aeroplan Miles on every purchase.


How many miles will I receive from my purchases through Aeroplan eStore?

You'll earn at least 1 Aeroplan Mile for every $1 you spend. Check the mile ratio icon () on each retailer's store detail page to verify the amount of miles you can earn per dollar spent. 


Will I receive miles if I don't enter my Aeroplan Number on Aeroplan eStore?

No, miles will not be credited to your Aeroplan Account if you do not log in to Aeroplan eStore before you make a purchase at your selected retailer.

When will the miles from my Aeroplan eStore purchases appear in my account?

It can take six to eight weeks from your shipping date for the miles to appear in your Aeroplan Account. 


How can I verify that the Aeroplan Miles I earned have been deposited into my account?

Log in to your Aeroplan Account to check your recent transactions. 


Can I still accumulate Aeroplan Miles if I purchase a product at a participating retailer's store location?

No. Aeroplan Miles can only be accumulated with online purchases from participating Aeroplan eStore retailers.

Can I accumulate Aeroplan Miles from a participating Aeroplan eStore retailers' web site without going through eStore?

No. In order to accumulate Aeroplan Miles, you must log in to Aeroplan eStore and click 'Shop Now' to be redirected to the retailer every time you shop- before making a purchase at a participating retailer's site.


What happens to the miles I earned if I return or exchange an item I bought through Aeroplan eStore?

If you return an item for credit, the Aeroplan Miles that you earned from the original purchase will be deducted from your account. 

3. Purchases & Deliveries

Which credit cards are accepted at Aeroplan eStore?

Individual retailers determine which credit cards they accept. Therefore, accepted credit cards may vary. 


When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged when you confirm your purchase during the retailer's check-out process.

Can Aeroplan Miles be used to pay for purchases made through Aeroplan eStore?

No. Aeroplan Miles cannot be used to purchase items made through Aeroplan eStore.  

Are all prices listed in Canadian dollars?

Some of Aeroplan eStore's participating retailers are based in the United States and list their products in U.S. dollars. Please refer to the individual retailer's site to determine the correct currency.

How long will it take to receive purchases made through Aeroplan eStore? What are the delivery charges?

Delivery times and charges are handled by the individual retailers . and therefore may vary. For more information, please review the retailers' online delivery policies before completing your purchase.

Who do I contact if I haven't received my shipment?

Shipping and delivery depends on the individual retailers' policies and the shipping method determined by you at purchase time. Most Aeroplan eStore retailers provide information that will help you track your purchase. If you have not received your shipment, please contact the individual retailer directly.

How do I exchange, return or refund the item I purchased?

Exchanges, returns and refunds are handled by the individual retailers.  

Can all items purchased through Aeroplan eStore be delivered to Canada?

Yes, all participating Aeroplan eStore retailers ship to Canada.

Am I responsible for any customs, duties, and/or brokerage fees that may apply to purchases made on non-Canadian retailer sites?

Yes. Please review the shipping policies of your retailer of choice.