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You can earn Aeroplan Miles on most scheduled flights operated by Azul Airlines.

Earning Aeroplan Miles with Azul Airlines
  • Earn miles when you purchase an eligible booking class and travel on flights operated by Azul Airlines. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Aeroplan Miles earned on all eligible Azul flights do not count towards Air Canada Altitude™ status.
  • Be sure to provide your Aeroplan number when you make a reservation.
  • Always keep your ticket and boarding pass until the miles have been credited to your account. If the miles for a recent flight have not been credited, you can request the missing miles up to eleven months from the flight date. Learn more about Requesting Mileage Credit
  • Please refer to the charts below to see how many miles you will earn.
  • For codeshare flights marketed by Azul Airlines but operated by another Star Alliance member airline, the operating airline determines how many miles you earn for your flight. Therefore, the booking class that appears on your ticket may differ from the booking class that the operating airline uses to determine flight miles earned. Refer to the Eligible Flights Tab of the operating carrier.
  • Mileage earned is based on actual miles flown, the percentage of booking class accumulation and the minimum mile rule.
  • Charter flights operated by Azul Airlines are not eligible.
  • Codeshare flights marketed by Azul Airlines and operated by non-Star Alliance airlines are not eligible.
  • Please refer to the Terms & Conditions Tab for additional information regarding flight activities.



Azul Brazilian Airlines (Azul) is a Brazilian carrier based in São Paulo. They operate with a fleet of over 100 mainline and express aircraft connecting popular business and leisure destinations. The airline serves over 100 destinations across South America as well as select routes to Europe and the United States.


  • You will earn Aeroplan Miles based on the booking class that you purchase. See chart for eligible booking classes
  • Booking classes not listed in the chart below are not eligible for accumulation.
  • Earn 50% bonus miles for flying in Business Class

Minimum Miles Earned:
  • The mileage accumulation varies with the booking class purchased; the minimum number of miles will also vary accordingly.
  • For distance flown up to 249 miles, Air Canada Altitude members will earn 250 Aeroplan Miles.
  • Aeroplan members will earn miles based on the actual distance flown‡ and the booking class purchased

All Destinations

Eligible Booking Classes Minimum Miles
Class of Service Booking
Base Miles
Class of Service
Air Canada
Altitude Members
Business Class J, C, D, I 150% 375 miles Actual Distance
Economy Class Y, B, A, E, F
G, H, K, L, M
N, O
100% 250 miles
Economy Class P, Q 75% 188 miles
Economy Class S, T, U 50% 125 miles
Economy Class X, Z 25% 63 miles

*Class of Service Bonus:
  • 150% is the sum of 100% base mile accumulation + 50% class of service bonus for flying in Business Class.

Actual Distance Flown:
  • Describes the actual distance your flight travels on its route

Mileage Accumulation Changes
  • No Current Changes

Terms and Conditions for Accumulation

™ Air Canada Altitude is a Trademark of Air Canada

1. Aeroplan Miles will be credited to the Aeroplan account of the traveller, regardless of who pays for the ticket.

2. Aeroplan Miles will be credited for qualifying travel flown by the Aeroplan Member on regular scheduled flights operated by the airline partner. Mileage accrual is determined by the operating airline, unless otherwise specified. For codeshare flights, the booking class shown on the ticket may differ from the fare/booking class applicable for mileage accrual on the operating airline.

3. The Aeroplan Miles credited are calculated according to the routing on the ticket and the fare type purchased for each flown flight. On nonstop and direct flights, mileage credited will be calculated based upon the fare type and the distance from origin to final destination, regardless of the number of stops. On connecting flights that require a change of plane and flight number, mileage credited will be calculated based upon the fare type and the distance from origin to destination for each segment of the trip.

4. The Aeroplan Miles credited when using purchased or complimentary upgrades are based on the original fare type purchased.

5. For irregular operations, reroutes, and schedule changes the Aeroplan Miles credited are calculated according to the actual flight flown, not the flight that was ticketed unless otherwise specified.

6. Certain airline tickets are not eligible for earning mileage credits. These include, but not limited to the following;
  • Refunded, void, or unused tickets, including unused non-refundable tickets
  • Reward travel tickets or free promotional tickets
  • Travel agency/ industry reduced rate tickets
  • Tour conductors, companion tickets, Infant tickets (under age two)
  • Tickets purchased to carry excess baggage or special baggage such as musical instruments or to provide extra space for the primary passenger.
  • Single entity charter flights, unless otherwise specified.
  • Tickets issued at fares with rules that exclude the earning of mileage credit
7. Aeroplan Members have up to eleven months from the flight date to make a credit request. Transactions prior to the enrollment date in the Aeroplan program are not eligible for mileage credit.

8. The operating airline is the final authority on qualification for mileage credit and reserves the right to deny or revoke mileage credit at any time if the operating airline determines that mileage credit was improperly given.

9. Aeroplan Members are also subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Aeroplan.