Buy and Gift Miles FAQs
Aeroplan is introducing two new products that will allow members to either buy miles and/or gift miles to another Aeroplan member.
What is the Buy Miles product?
Aeroplan members will now be able buy/purchase miles for themselves at any time, at a competitive market price. This will allow members to increase their Aeroplan miles balance.
What is the Gift Miles product?
Aeroplan members will now be able to purchase miles to gift directly to another Aeroplan member at any time, at a competitive market price. This will allow members to increase the Aeroplan miles balance of any other Aeroplan member.
How does Buy Miles differ from the Top-Up product offering?
Today, Aeroplan members can purchase miles to top-up their miles balance for a flight redemption while they are booking a redemption ticket. The Buy Miles product allows you to purchase and increase your miles balance at any point in time, not only during the redemption booking flow.
How does Gift Miles differ from the Transfer Miles product offering?
The gifting of miles allows an Aeroplan member to purchase and gift miles directly to another Aeroplan member, without deducting any miles from the donor's Aeroplan account. With Transfer Miles, Aeroplan members can transfer miles from one Aeroplan account to another.
Do purchased miles count towards Aeroplan status or Air Canada's Altitude program?
Purchased Aeroplan Miles are not eligible for Aeroplan status and do not qualify for the Air Canada Altitude program.
How can I gift Miles to another Aeroplan member?
To gift Aeroplan Miles to another Aeroplan member, you must provide their full name, Aeroplan number, and email address.
How many Aeroplan Miles can I purchase and/or gift?
You can purchase and/or gift Aeroplan Miles in increments of 1,000 miles to a maximum of 250,000 miles per transaction. You can purchase and/or gift up to a maximum total of 500,000 miles in a calendar year.
Are purchased and/or gifted miles refundable?
All purchases are final; miles cannot be refunded or exchanged.
Can the miles purchased and/or gifted expire?
Purchased and/or gifted Aeroplan Miles in an Aeroplan account expire if the Aeroplan Member has not accumulated or redeemed Aeroplan Miles for a period of 18 consecutive months.
How quickly will miles be deposited in the member's account?
Purchased miles will be deposited within minutes, but in some instances can take up to 72 hours.
What payment types are accepted?
Members can complete their miles purchase with any of the following credit cards: Visa, American Express, or MasterCard
What vendor am I transacting with when I Buy and/or Gift miles?
Members complete the purchase and/or gift of miles with and therefore should expect their credit card to be processed by, not Aeroplan.
Which are the preferred browsers to purchase and/or gift miles?
To experience a seamless purchase, preferred browsers include Chrome, Firefox Internet Explorer, or browsers that do not block third-party cookies.
For inquiries about these products within Canada, USA, and the Caribbean please contact 1-800-361-5373, within United Kingdom please contact 0800 756 3865, and within all other areas please contact 1-514-395-0300.