Tips to earn faster from our members

Earning miles is easy, earning even more can be too. Simply follow these tips to earn faster and we’ll help get you on your way to your reward even sooner.

Shopping tips

  • Home renovations through Home Hardware and use your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card to double dip!

    - (Laurie from Beachville)
  • Check out the Aeroplan eStore to make purchases such as computers from Apple. I bought my iPad this way and got close to 5,000 miles. Amazing!

    - (Amy from Montreal)

Earn miles twice tips

  • Be diligent to use your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card for all purchases and remember to the card in conjunction with your Aeroplan card to accumulate double the miles.

    - (Morgan from Toronto)
  • Use your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card to buy Air Canada tickets. Twice the bang for your buck!

    - (Ian from Cambridge)
  • When you have big purchases to make and essentially HAVE the money to make them, like plane tickets, school fees, furniture and when buying groceries, clothing, gas, transportation, even with monthly automatic withdrawals, instead of using your debit card, use your Aeroplan –affiliated financial card and make sure that at the end of the month you pay it off in full. Like this, you accumulate lots of miles monthly and most importantly you've been responsible keeping yourself out of debt.

    - (Andrea from Montreal)

Travel tips

  • Register for partner hotel programs and ensure to set your accumulation options to partner with Aeroplan.

    - (Casey from Toronto)
  • Find any excuse to fly short hops from Toronto to Montreal or Ottawa. Pro tip -- book in Flex!

    - (Charles from Aurora)
  • Plan your travels around which Aeroplan partners you can earn with for flights, hotels and car rentals and use your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card to book everything!

    - (Daniel from Brampton)
  • Not all tickets are created (or purchased!) equal. Quickly consulting the Aeroplan earnings chart before booking flights on Air Canada or any other Star Alliance airlines will ensure your ticket and booking class are eligible for Aeroplan Mileage accrual.

    - (Edward from Ottawa)

Promotion tips

  • Make sure to always check out the Aeroplan app for promotions and bonus offers near you.

    - (Kristian from Cornerbrook)
  • My best tip is to watch for promotions on social media and on so you can take advantage of the bonus offers to gain as many miles as possible.

    - (Ivy from Red Deer)
  • Wait for promotions to buy really big purchases from Aeroplan partners online through the eStore! That way you get the miles you would normally get through your Aeroplan-affiliated financial card, plus bonus miles buying through the online store, and the multiple miles from the promotions! You can basically quadruple your miles from one big purchase just by waiting for the right day to buy!

    - (Eva from Edmonton)
  • Take advantage of the double/triple bonus miles from your favorite hotel chain.

    - (William from Montreal)