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Fixed Mileage
Flight Rewards
are never available.

Truth is, over 70% of our flight rewards booked are at Fixed Mileage levels.
These flights rewards are limited and go fast so they might seem hard to get.


Some are even booked at levels lower than that!

  • Great Deals occur when a Market Fare Flight Reward requires fewer miles than the Fixed Mileage Flight Reward. They are offered from time to time on select routes.
  • Members with status in the Aeroplan program get 500 miles off Great Deals, plus up to 35% off Market Fare Flight Rewards.

Aeroplan has
blackout dates.

Actually, we do not have blackout dates. Our two flight reward options: Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards and Market Fare Flight Rewards let you fly anywhere, any time on all Air Canada flights.

If you are trying to book during peak flying periods and can’t find any available flights, it’s simply because they go fast. It’s smart to book early. Plus, don’t forget to check our Market Fare Flight Rewards, which opens up even more seats for more miles.
Find more tips here.

Contact Centre Agents have access to more seats.

As a matter of fact, you have access to the same seats as our agents do by booking through or through the Aeroplan app*. We can understand the assumption though as our agents have expert training.


Here are a few booking tips to help you find a flight:

  • Expand your search beyond Fixed Mileage Rewards by checking out our Market Fare Flight Rewards.
  • Check nearby airports for the flight you want.
  • Fly in style by choosing Premium Economy, Business or First Class.
  • See both Paris and London for no additional miles with a planned stopover.
  • Book a one-way Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards ticket for 50% fewer miles than a roundtrip flight.

You need to book
a year in advance
to find a seat.

Not necessarily. Our airline partners release seats all year long, so you don't need to plan that far in advance. In fact, almost a third of our flight rewards are booked last-minute.


Here are a few things to remember when searching for flights:

1 Check our Market Fare Flight Rewards, too. They give you access to any seat, any time on all Air Canada flights.
2 Explore our booking calendar by being flexible with your travel dates.

It's virtually impossible
to change or cancel
a flight reward.

In reality, you can cancel or modify any flight reward up until 2 hours prior to the flight. Cancelling can be done right online through the Manage Your Rewards page in Your Aeroplan and any modifications can be made by calling our Contact Centre. For a full refund, you need to cancel 22 days in advance.
You can change your flight dates, flight times, class of service, routing and/or itinerary on unused Flight Rewards for non-refundable fee plus taxes per ticket.

You can only
earn miles by flying.

Not so. In addition to earning miles by flying, you can earn Aeroplan Miles in a variety of ways, including shopping, eating out, subscribing to magazines, staying at a hotel and much more. We have over 150 partner brands you can earn with online and offline.


Here are some ways to earn miles on the ground:

  • Always carry and swipe your Aeroplan Card to earn at our partners.
  • Earn Aeroplan Miles with 100 online retailers through our eStore and
  • Get an Aeroplan-Affiliated Credit Card to earn everywhere you use the card.

Only the Contact Centre can credit my miles if I forget to provide my Aeroplan Number when flying.

Actually, you can request to have your miles credited online 24/7 through our Help Centre. You can also book a flight, manage your rewards, update your profile, convert your miles, reset your password, create your Contact Centre PIN, order a new card and more.


If you believe you are missing miles from a flight:

  • Visit our Help Centre to submit a claim.
  • Have your ticket and boarding pass handy.
  • Remember, you can submit a request for missing miles within 11 months of the flight departure date. Some exceptions may apply.

I'll have to be on hold for 2 hours if I call in to book a flight.

Not at all. While this may have happened in the past, we have recently made investments in our Contact Centre to significantly reduce wait times and improve the overall Contact Centre experience.


Here's everything you can do online through our Help Centre:

  • Request missing miles
  • Update your contact information
  • Order a new card
  • Book a flight
  • View or cancel a flight reward
  • Convert your miles
  • Transfer your miles
  • Reset your password
  • Create or change your Contact Centre PIN

Of course, we understand there are times when you'll need to speak with an agent, and we'll happily be there to help with that, too! Become a member with Diamond status in the Aeroplan program and you'll receive call priority!

Aeroplan is the only program where the miles expire.

Actually, your miles will not expire as long as you stay active by having at least one qualifying activity in the previous twelve months.


We want you to have your miles when you want them, so here are a few ways to stay active:

  • Earn miles at least once at over 150 of our partner brands including Home Hardware and
  • Redeem at least once for travel, merchandise, activities or any of our rewards
  • Carry an Aeroplan-Affiliated Credit Card from TD or CIBC
  • Check your account expiration date here

There are no real perks to achieving status with Aeroplan.

As a matter of fact, members with status in the Aeroplan Program have the opportunity to earn more and redeem for less.


Here are some of the many benefits members with status enjoy:

  • Up to 35% off Market Fare Flight Rewards.
  • Up to 1,500 bonus miles when flying with Air Canada to over 40 destinations.
  • Up to three times the miles when you shop online via the Aeroplan eStore.

There are 3 levels of status in the Aeroplan Program: Silver, Black and Diamond. The higher your level, the more benefits you'll enjoy.

I can't use my miles to book flights for my friends and family.

Truth is, you can use your miles however you want, including booking flights for friends and family. They don't have to be travelling with you… and they don't even have to be Aeroplan Members.*

Simply enter their personal information when booking flights through or the Aeroplan app. It's that easy! Both you and the person you are booking for will receive a copy of the transaction by email.

My credit card is my Aeroplan Card.

Not so. They are different cards. With your Aeroplan Card you can earn miles at our partners, with an Aeroplan-Affiliated Credit Card, you can earn miles everywhere. Better yet, you can earn twice when you pay with your credit card and show your Aeroplan Card at partners.

Air Canada's recent announcement about June 2020 has members like you wondering what to expect next. We're here for you with the answers. Read on to discover the truth behind these latest myths.

The truth is, your Aeroplan Miles will still be here for you. As long as you stay active in the program and you accumulate, redeem, donate or transfer miles at least once every 12 months, your miles will be safe and secure to use long past 2020. We will continue to offer you a large selection of exciting travel, merchandise and experiential rewards, including flight rewards with industry-leading airlines.

Aeroplan won't offer flight rewards after June 2020

Not so. We know that flight rewards are a member favourite. As we work hard to build a stronger Aeroplan for you, we will ensure that you'll continue to have access to multiple industry-leading airlines to get the flight rewards you want, to bring you where you need to be.

You will continue to earn miles on Air Canada and Star Alliance member airlines eligible flights, and you can redeem for flights on Air Canada and Star Alliance member airlines, until at least June 29, 2020, for trips that take place up to 12 months after.

There's no value in continuing to be an Aeroplan member

Actually, there are a number of reasons why you should be confident in the future of Aeroplan. As Canada's premier coalition loyalty program, we're looking forward to the opportunity to build a stronger Aeroplan for you.


Here are some key facts about the value Aeroplan continues to bring you

  • On average, our members flew for less than they would have with other travel rewards programs in Canada on the 1.9 million flights redeemed last year 1.
  • In addition to flights, Aeroplan Miles can be redeemed for over 1,000 exciting merchandise, hotel, car rental and experiential rewards.
  • Aeroplan is committed to preserving a competitive redemption proposition for its members, including flight rewards with industry-leading airlines.
  • Members will continue to collect miles from our network of over 75 world-class partners, representing more than 150 partner brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors.

Aeroplan and Air Canada are the same company

The truth is that Air Canada and Aeroplan are two separate companies. Air Canada is one of Aeroplan's 75 partners, but Aeroplan has been operated by Aimia since 2002. Aimia owns and operates loyalty programs such as Aeroplan in Canada as well as other top-tier brands internationally in over 15 countries.

Aeroplan is much more than a frequent-flyer program. The majority of our members earn miles not by flying but by consolidating their everyday spending within the Aeroplan network of more than 75 world-class partners, representing more than 150 partner brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors. By using an Aeroplan-affiliated financial card, Aeroplan members earn miles on everyday purchases like every time they buy groceries and pay for gas. These daily purchases mean miles add up quickly and hard-earned dollars spent on essentials go further.