What is a Great Deal?

Great Deals are offered from time to time when the Market Fare Flight Reward® level drops below the Fixed Mileage Flight Reward® level for a specific destination, requiring fewer miles to travel1. That means you can get more for your miles on select Air Canada® flights!

Plus, members with Aeroplan status enjoy the added benefit of using at least 500 fewer miles per roundtrip. These special savings are already calculated in the mileage levels shown.

How do I know it’s a Great Deal?

Look for the Great Deal icon next to the flights results when you search for flight rewards.

How do I find a Great Deal?

Know where you want to go?

Visit our Travel Rewards page, and simply launch a search for flight rewards. If a Great Deal is available, you’ll notice the Great Deal tag in your search results. For members with Aeroplan status, the tag will be grey instead of orange, as they benefit from an additional mileage reduction.

Need some travel inspiration?

If your destination and travel dates are flexible, you can take a look at some great destinations recently booked by our members at lower mileage levels and get inspired.

  1. Visit our recent Great Deals page
  2. Use filters such as departure city, trip type (round-trip or one-way) and departure month to narrow down the list of destinations for which a Great Deal was recently available.
  3. Once you’ve selected a potential destination, just compare travel dates, trip duration, number of miles required, or mileage savings to decide what trip is the most interesting to you.
  4. Then, just click on “Search” to automatically launch a flight reward search with same date(s) and destination to see if this Great Deal is still available.

Great Deals may not always be available, but if you play around with travel dates once in Search Results, or check out other destinations, you could find a similar one.