Tips to take you there

Here’s an idea: take a look at this assortment of helpful tips and you’ll be travelling faster—and better.

No availability?
As Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards (formerly called ClassicFlight Rewards) have limited availability, check out other options by clicking on the “Market Fare Flight Rewards” tab.

Want to fly in style?
Take a look at your options in Premium Economy, Business and First Class.

Paris or London?
See both, for no extra miles, with a planned stopover. It's like taking a trip within a trip.

Can’t find a seat?
Check back often; you never know when one will free up.

Not enough miles for a roundtrip?
Book a one-way for only 50% of the miles.

No flight reward availability for where you want to go?
Check nearby airports.

Want to save on miles?
Keep looking—you may just get lucky and find a Great Deal on a Market Fare Flight Reward.

Change of plans?
Change or even cancel your booking up to 2 hours before departure.