Other things you need to know

Mileage needed

So you'd like to take a trip.

How many miles to you need for a Fixed Mileage Flight Reward?

That all depends on where you’d like to go, of course. Start by taking a look at all your options with our Flight Reward

One-way Rewards

Not enough miles for a roundtrip?

Book a one-way.

If you’re short of miles, why not redeem for a one-way? With one-way Fixed Mileage Flight Rewards (formerly called ClassicFlight Rewards), you can fly to and from any city at just 50% of the miles required for a roundtrip to all routes including international destinations. As for one-way Market Fare Flight Rewards, the number of miles needed is based on whatever the market fare is at time of booking—so that’s a pretty fair deal, too.

Mileage Top-up

Short of miles, but want to travel anyway?

That all depends on where you’d like to go, of course. Start by taking a look at all your options with our With Aeroplan, not having enough miles is just not a problem. That’s because you can top up your mileage for just C$0.04 per mile (plus taxes), for up to 50% of the total miles needed for a reward.


Want to see some of those places you're flying over?

Book a stopover.

With a roundtrip Fixed Mileage Flight Reward, you can fly through up to two cities—so why not stop and stay awhile? Just select the multi-city option to include stopovers in your trip.

Want to tour around a bit?

Book a open-jaw.

Want to fly into Paris, but fly home from London? Can do—with an open-jaw itinerary. Basically, what that means is that you make your own way (by car, train, or even another flight) between your arrival and departure cities. Simply select the multi-city option when booking.


You're ready to book your flight reward.

Should you expect any taxes or other fees?

There’s no escaping some airport taxes, fees and carrier surcharges imposed by the airline and government authorities. That’s true of all flight reward bookings, with every loyalty program out there. Plus, additional taxes and fees may be collected at the airport.


Need to change your booking?

Not a problem.

Stuff happens. We get that. So if you need to change your unused flight reward (i.e. flight date(s), flight time(s), class of service, routing and/or itinerary) you can do so up to a minimum of two hours prior to departure. A non-refundable change fee applies.

Very last-minute change of plans?

That's okay, too.

We’re nothing if not flexible. That’s why we even let you make same-day changes, to an earlier or later flight with the same itinerary, right at the airport. For C$75 plus taxes per passenger, you can change that Economy, Premium Economy or Business Class-confirmed Aeroplan Fixed Mileage Flight Reward or Market Fare Flight Reward (on Air Canada, Air Canada express or Air Canada rouge). You won’t even need to use more miles, but, of course, changes are subject to availability.


Oh, no! You have to cancel your trip.

How does that work?

Sometimes, you’ve got no choice—you just have to cancel. If you don’t want to change your ticket, you have up to two hours prior to your scheduled departure to cancel and refund it; your miles will be returned to your acount. (you can even do this yourself online in the Manage Your Bookings section!) Non-refundable fees apply.


Like to look out?

Reserve a window seat.

If you want to know where you’re going to be sitting, you can reserve your seat as soon as you book—or anytime afterwards. Just keep your booking reference number on hand and go to the airline site for full details.


Packing up?

Know your limits before you leave.

If you’re wondering how much stuff you can pack (and still have room to bring back some souvenirs), know that baggage allowance varies by airline. Please consult the airline’s site for full details on how many pieces you’re allowed and if fees apply.


Eager to get there?

Check out when you can check in.

If you’re travelling with Air Canada, you can check in online up to 24 hours before departure here. For Star Alliance airlines, you can check in via the airline’s individual website.