Need more miles?

Sometimes, you need more miles. Other times, you’ve got some to spare. That’s why we give you the freedom to top up as much as 50% of the total mileage needed for a reward. Plus, you can also transfer miles to someone else and even convert points or miles from other programs into Aeroplan Miles.

Buy them

Short a few miles? Not for long. Because for just C$0.03 per mile (plus taxes), you can top up your account, with up to 50% of the total mileage you need for that reward.

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Transfer Them

Got enough miles for that trip, but know someone who doesn’t? Transfer miles to a family member or friend for C$0.02, and then you can both go!

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Convert them

Changing your miles or points from other loyalty programs into Aeroplan Miles is easy—and it lets you enjoy that reward even sooner

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