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Last updated: 08/29/2019

"What do I do if I can't retrieve the 2FA code sent to my email?"

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The email containing your 2FA code may take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. If you still don't see it after a few minutes, try checking your email application's junk or spam folders and ensuring your inbox is not at its limit.

If you are using a business email address, note that your corporate domain could be delaying Air Canada emails. We recommend using a valid email address you can access at all times, such as a personal email instead of a business email.

"Why am I being frequently asked to enter a 2FA code when I log in to my Aeroplan account?"

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You'll be asked to perform 2FA often if you tend to switch devices or browsers frequently, if you use private/incognito browsing modes, or if you're logging in from a widely shared Wi-Fi/IP network. This is necessary to help us make sure your account is as secure as possible.

"I am trying to update my account, but it is not working."

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If you are experiencing problems with logging in or experiencing long load times, try some of the following tips:

. Switch browsers
. Close all windows and restart in a new window
. Clear your cache and/or delete your cookies
. Disable pop-up blockers

If you are still experiencing problems after trying these tips, call our call centre at the following number 1-833-835-1444.

About the new login

"Why is my Aeroplan login account being updated?"

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We are updating all of our members' accounts for a number of reasons. Firstly, we want to enhance the security of your account. Secondly, we want to make it more convenient for you by allowing you to use the same credentials to log in to multiple Aeroplan and Air Canada channels.

"Is this account update related to the launch of Air Canada's new loyalty program?"

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No. We're working hard to launch Air Canada's new loyalty program in 2020. Up-to-date information on the new loyalty program can be found at

"Is this update due to my account being compromised?"

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No, we're simply being proactive by improving the security and privacy of our members' accounts, while also making things as convenient as possible for you.

"Why can't I log in with my Facebook/Google+ (social login) account on anymore?"

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We've streamlined the login process to simplify the experience.

"Why can I now log in with my email address in addition to my Aeroplan number?"

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This is to make things more convenient for you. Many members find it easier to remember their email address than their Aeroplan number.

"Can the same login credentials be used for all Aeroplan / Air Canada channels?"

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You can use the same login credentials for most Aeroplan / Air Canada channels, but not all. The channels where the same login credentials can be used are:

2. Aeroplan mobile app (android and iOS)
3. Aeroplan member donation program
5. FlightPass web
6. FlightPass app (iOS & Android)
7. eUpgrade
8. Altitude
9. Air Canada Vacations
10. Air Canada Skyriders

"Do I need an email address to have an Aeroplan account?"

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You need to have a valid email address that is yours alone in order to have online access to your Aeroplan account.

"Why do minors need a single email address associated with their Aeroplan account?"

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Every Aeroplan member, including minors, need to have a single email associated with their Aeroplan account. It is a requirement for the new customer login system Aeroplan and Air Canada are introducing.

"Does this affect my miles balance?"

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No, it does not affect the miles in your Aeroplan account.

Updating my account

"Why do I need to change my password?"

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To ensure that all our members' accounts follow our rigorous security measures, we require that all members update their passwords to make them as strong as possible.

"Why do I need to provide an email address or change my email address?"

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Since you can now log in with your email address, a single valid email address is required so you can log in and be identified securely. If your current registered email address is unavailable, you'll need to provide a different one.

"Can I update my account information at a later point in time?"

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Yes, you can come back at a later time to finish the update process, but you won't be able to log in to your Aeroplan account until you've finished updating your account information.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

"What is two-factor authentication (2FA), and where can I receive a 2FA verification code?"

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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security we're now using so that when you log in to your account, we can confirm that you are really you. When we think 2FA is necessary, we'll send you a one-time six-digit verification code that you then use to validate your identity. You choose how you receive the code—either via email or SMS on mobile phone (if you have it selected in your profile page).

"Why is Air Canada / Aeroplan implementing 2FA?"

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Air Canada has chosen to be one of the first airlines to implement 2FA to provide our members with a higher degree of security, protecting your personal information and reducing the risk of fraud.

Forgot Password and Profile Information

"Why can't I use my secret question on to reset my password?"

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We've implemented an enhanced method of secure identification called two-factor authentication (2FA), removing the need for secret questions.