The 2013 edition of the Welcome Aboard Event has arrived! Once again, Aeroplan and CIBC have reserved 100% of the seats on two Air Canada flights travelling from Toronto to Orlando, Florida this March for CIBC Aeroplan Cardholders like you. There is no limit to the number of seats you can book, but they won't last long, so call to book today.


When you leave
Enjoy two free checked bags per passenger, an exclusive check-in counter at your departure airport and more.

When you arrive
Take advantage of a dedicated porter service upon arrival3.

In-flight extras
Sit back and relax with complimentary food and refreshments in flight, as well as free headsets for your entertainment pleasure.
  1. Applicable taxes and fees not included.
  2. The number of seats booked is updated once a day from Monday to Friday only. For more up-to-date availability, please contact your Aeroplan booking agent at 1-877-341-9730.
  3. Porter service upon arrival in Orlando is complimentary and included as part of the Welcome Aboard Event.

Welcome Aboard Event flight rewards on Air Canada flight numbers AC7002 to AC7003 between Toronto and Orlando are subject to Aeroplan® terms and conditions except as otherwise specified below:

Welcome Aboard Event flight reward tickets are valid for a seven-day roundtrip between Toronto and Orlando, March 12 to 19, or between March 13 to 20, only. Seats are subject to availability at time of booking.

Flight schedules are subject to change without notice. You are entirely responsible for verifying your flight schedule 24-hours immediately prior to the departure and the return date.

Welcome Aboard Event flight reward tickets are valid only for the itinerary booked and cannot be combined with another flight reward.

This offer is exclusive to holders of a valid CIBC Aerogold® Visa Infinite Card, CIBC Aerogold® Visa Card, CIBC Aerogold® Visa for Business Card or CIBC Aero Classic Visa Card only. Reservations may only be made by phone by calling 1-877-341-9730, reservations may not be made online. Booking fees will be waived for this reward offer.

Changing Welcome Aboard Event flight rewards
Changes to Welcome Aboard Event flight reward tickets are not permitted. Welcome Aboard Event flight reward tickets cannot be exchanged for other flight rewards or itineraries.

Cancelling Welcome Aboard Event flight rewards
Mileage can be reinstated into the Aeroplan account up to 22 days prior to your scheduled departure. The fee for cancelling a Welcome Aboard Event flight reward is C$90.00 plus applicable taxes per ticket.

Mileage cannot be reinstated into your account within 21 days of your departure. If you do not travel on your Welcome Aboard Event flight reward ticket it will be forfeited. Welcome Aboard Event flight reward tickets that have been forfeited are no longer valid for travel or mileage reinstatement.

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