As a valued CIBC Aeroplan® cardholder, we’re offering you the exclusive opportunity to earn up to 1,000 Bonus Aeroplan Miles when you enroll in Speedpass™, link it to your CIBC Aeroplan credit card and Aeroplan Card, and use it at participating Esso stations. Speedpass is the quick, rewarding and secure way to pay and earn miles – your purchases will be charged directly to your CIBC Aeroplan credit card, and you’ll earn miles on your eligible1 Esso purchases, on top of the miles you would normally earn on your credit card.

How to fill up on bonus miles:
Enroll in Speedpass and link the key tag to your CIBC Aeroplan credit card together with your Aeroplan Card, by November 30, 2014.
Activate your Speedpass key tag online at when you receive it, and then just Point ‘n Go at the pump or in-store to pay and earn miles in one easy step.
Earn 500 bonus2 miles when you make your first eligible1 purchase with your new Speedpass before November 30, 2014, plus another 100 bonus2 miles on each of your next five eligible1 purchases made before December 31, 2014.
No need to pull two cards out of your wallet to earn miles twice! Earn up to 3 miles4 for every $3 spent on eligible1 purchases at Esso stations in addition to the regular Aeroplan Miles you earn when you use your CIBC Aeroplan credit card at Esso stations.